In a world inundated with new content every second, how do you make yours stand out? DO IT WITH VIDEO!

This is the second installment of the Modus series. Last year, I covered creativity with still images. Today, I'm covering creativity with video.

The download last a whole two hours, and covers a multitude of topics. I'll be going over the basics of video, let you watch as I shoot and edit a video, talk about previous viral videos, as well as my personal view on social media and how you can reach the front page of the internet.


With the download, you will also receive my personal scanned notes on the subjects spoken about


Sit back, relax, and enjoy the download. All the cards are out on the table, now it’s your turn to inspire.


Welcome to MODUS 2.

KEEP IN MIND - you do NOT have to own the same software I use to get something out of this download. I did my best to express my thoughts on creativity and how to generate ideas and to push your originality to new levels. Every bit of information in this project was curated by myself, either through research or personal experience. Even if you are not a filmmaker or videographer, I believe that the concepts I talk about here can be applied to other facets of art, not just cardistry.

I hope this project encourages you to be more creative, and inspires you to keep moving forward with your relationship with videography.

Your support with this project pushes me to keep creating. I appreciate every single one of you.