My name is Sean Oulashin. I am a 22-year-old magician, cardist, photographer, filmmaker, and musician. I started Idlehands on January 1st, 2016 with the intent on being another brand in the world of Cardistry (the aesthetically-pleasing art of playing card shuffling). However, after a year and a half of not putting off the creation of products, I’ve decided to transform it into an extension of myself. Products will go up when they are polished and ready, not to fill the quota of being a cardistry brand.


            I found my love for digital media at a young age, receiving my first computer when I was seven. My father was a photographer and obsessed with documenting things, which left cameras and spare pieces of technology strewn around my environment. I began making short films and shooting photos, eventually perusing film at an arts high school and now in college. I have funneled my love for photography and filmmaking into cardistry, and have built a substantial following off of individualized pieces of content.


            Idlehands serves to present content in a strikingly visual manner. Each piece I upload, whether it is a still image or a film, will be created using unique techniques I have learned from past experiences, and will stand out from others. In this way, each piece of content will be different than the last, making Idlehands a motivator and innovator for change, and a living brand.


            My work has influenced others, and I have begun to work with other brands in order to promote their products. These brands include The Expert Playing Card Company, Gemini Playing Cards, Art of Play, Pocket Park, and Playing Arts.